CardioGuard - 60 Capsules

CardioGuard - 60 Capsules


Swiss Alp Herb Remedies

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CardioGuard capsules are made from a special combination of Hawthorn, Capsicum and Garlic. 

This unique composition is high in vitamins and minerals and is formulated specifically to help improve heart function and blood circulation.  Hawthorn has been known for centuries as a treatment for heart conditions.  Regular use strengthens the heart muscles.  It has been used in preventing arteriosclerosis and in helping conditions such as rapid or feeble heart action and a lack of oxygen in the blood.  High in vitamin C and B Complex, it also is known to lower blood pressure and may also be beneficial with nervousness and insomnia.   Capsicum, also known, as Cayenne is a stimulant to other herbs, enabling herbal remedies to work faster.  It is also a blood purifier, an infection preventer and a digestive aid.  Garlic is nature’s antibiotic.  It is a health building and disease-preventing herb.  It opens up the blood vessels and reduces blood pressure in hypertensive persons.  Garlic is high in potassium, zinc and vitamin B1.