Health Tea - 150g

Health Tea - 150g


Swiss Alp Herb Remedies

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This popular tea has been a staple treatment for a wide variety of ailments. 

This product is composed of health giving non-poisonous and non-habit forming herbs for the sole purpose to assist nature in eliminating accumulated impurities in the system; helping to purify the Blood, aid in correcting Liver, GallBladder and Kidney Troubles and relieving Constipation. 

This herbal preparation is safe, giving health tone and vigour to the whole system.  The main ingredients in Health Tea are Bladder Wrack, Senna leaves, Butternut leaves and Cleavers Herbs.  Bladder Wrack is an important seaweed, which stimulates the thyroid, helps to control weight and has an antibiotic effect.  Senna is an effective natural laxative which tones and restores the digestive system especially the large intestine and colon.  The native North Americans have used butternut leaves for centuries as a remedy for digestive disorders.  A safe herb, Butternut is now used by herbalists for dyspepsia and liver dysfunction.  Cleavers herb, with its many health-giving properties has even found great interest to the pharmaceutical industry.  It has been found to reduce glandular fevers, and inflammations of the kidney and bladder, to clean the blood and strengthen the liver. 

Health Tea also contains Aniseed, Juniper berries and Licorice root.