KalPhos - 240 Tablets

KalPhos - 240 Tablets


Swiss Alp Herb Remedies

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  • Build strong bones and teeth 

  • Promote energy metabolism 

  • Reduces the effects of stress 

  • Promotes growth, maintenance and repair of body tissues 

KalPhos tablets are made from natural source Monobasic Potassium Phosphate.  This phosphate supplement is found in many foods such as Almonds, Cheddar cheese, Eggs, Milk, Pumpkin seeds, Soybeans, Tuna and whole grain products.  Monobasic potassium phosphate is not available from synthetic sources.  KalPhos tablets are necessary for the utilization of many B Complex vitamins.  Persons with inadequate caloric or dietary intake or increased nutritional requirements will benefit from KalPhos.  Those over 55 years old or who suffer from stress for long periods may also need additional amounts of this supplement.  In addition, people who have recently undergone surgery or who take excessive amounts of antacids or alcohol should also consider KalPhos tablets.  When combined with calcium, KalPhos has been helpful with osteoporosis by building strong bones and teeth.