Our market has been the Millbank destination for shoppers throughout the region. They come for good value, and also for the assurance of simple, old-fashioned goodness and wholesome foods and fruits, many of which are supplied by local farmers. More than a supermarket, Zehr’s is a family-owned country market where quality products, ethics and customers really do  matter.



Integrity & Trust

We strive to be honest and fair in all we do.  We want our customers to be able to trust that they will be receiving quality and top-notch service every time.

As a Christ-centered company, it is our desire that anyone we encounter, whether by phone, email or in person, will experience the light of Christ through us.  We endeavor to establish solid, trustworthy relationships with all we come in contact with, whether it be customers, suppliers, or just someone passing through.


We will strive together as a team to provide you with the best service possible.


It is our goal to provide you with useful, high-quality products, that will meet your needs and have you coming back again and again.


We thank each of you for taking the time to browse our website.  We welcome any comments or concerns that you may have.  It is you, our loyal customers that make our business what it is



We want our ultimate success to be measured in terms of true significance – an ever-increasing ability to give back and help meet the needs of people in remarkable and redeeming ways.


Come visit and experience the beautiful farming communities of Perth & Waterloo Region!