Fresh pork arrives every Thursday afternoon.

Old-fashioned goodness!

No fillers. Gluten-free.

We carry Farmer’s Pork Sausage. Available in: plain, garlic, smoked, smoked garlic, and honey garlic. Since 1982, our family has been making Farmer’s Pork Sausage the old fashioned way.

Also arriving every Thursday is fresh pork chops, bacon, head cheese and fresh lean ground beef.

Hamburgers! Try our Homestyle Gourmet Burger which has a blend of beef and pork. Or we also offer a 100% Beef Burger. Hamburger patties are available in 4 oz. or 6 oz. size.


Smoked Pork Chop

Tasty, quick and easy dinner!



Bacon and eggs help tackle your day!


Homestyle Gourmet Hamburger

Grilled to perfection!

Available in 4 oz. or 6 oz. patties.

100% beef patties or Beef & Pork patties.


Pork Sausage - Honey Garlic

Available in: Plain, Garlic, Smoked, Smoked Garlic, Honey Garlic


Many of our regular customers come for these meats, and we invite you to join them!