It all started when…

The hobby grew! It’s a passion of ours. We love working with soil, plants, colours & plant habits. As long as I can remember there has been a small greenhouse in my life. The smells of the greenhouse still cause me to smile today! What can go wrong when you are working with soil, sunshine and plants? It’s absolutely therapeutic for us and we want to share this wealth with you.

We focus on growing annuals: hanging baskets, patio containers, bedding plants, landscape plants and vegetable plants. One of the neat items that we have are Heritage tomato plants - heirloom varieties being reintroduced to our world.

We retail the plants through our Garden Centre at Zehr’s Country Market. It’s a one stop shop. You can stop for your plants and also pickup some fresh meat or vegetables while shopping. Come visit our Garden Centre where we have a nice variety of plants to choose from. You can know that they have been raised with care by some passionate gardeners who have let their hobby grow to include you!

Open Mid April to Mid July. The best selection of plants and colour varieties would be available beginning to mid May. We do tend to clear out our stock so if you are looking for a particular colour theme for the year, come early!


Garden Centre is Open!

We have vegetable plants - tomato, cabbage, lettuce, spinach, parsley, cilantro - to mention a few!

Annuals such as calibrochoa add beauty to any planter or hanging basket. If you are looking for landscape items we have King Tutt, Vertigo, Purple Foundation grass etc. available.

We also carry soils, peat moss and seeds.

One stop shop! Let us help you with your planting needs!

Gourmet Lettuce Bowls Available -  enjoy the flavours that Fresh lettuce offers!

Gourmet Lettuce Bowls Available - enjoy the flavours that Fresh lettuce offers!



A variety of annuals to choose from for your own creation



Lettuce, parsley, tomato (including Heritage varieties), peppers (sweet & hot), late & early varieties of cabbage.


Colour your World!

Find the colour combination that fits your taste!


Greenstart Enterprises

The greenhouse where it all begins! We then move the plants to the garden centre for retail.