Zehr's Country Market
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Fresh! From the Farm

In season, we feature lots of fresh, local produce – giving you that fresh garden taste without the work of your own garden.



A Wide Selection of Meats and Cheeses

Since 1982, the Zehr family has been making Farmer’s Pork Sausage the old-fashioned way. We’re still using the recipe unchanged, and we’ve added other great products, smoked pork chops, Black Forest hams sliced to your specifications and homemade summer sausage.

We also offer fresh cut cheese from Balderson, Bright and other fine cheese companies.  Fresh cheese curds come Thursdays.

Many of our regular customers come for these meats & cheeses, and we invite you to join them!

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Serving the community for over 30 years.

Our market has been the Millbank destination for shoppers throughout the region. They come for good value, and also for the assurance of simple, old-fashioned goodness and wholesome foods and fruits, many of which are supplied by local farmers. More than a supermarket, Zehr’s is a family-owned country market where quality products, ethics and customers really do  matter.

Fresh fruit is food at its best – delicious, natural and fun to eat! Packed with nutrition, fibre and natural vitamins and minerals, few foods offer as many health benefits in every bite!

We offer a large variety of local fruits when in season – strawberries, raspberries, rhubarb to mention a few!  Who can refuse fresh strawberries? We also offer Niagara area cherries, peaches and other fruits when available. Fresh grape juice is also available. Wiley’s 100% pure concord grape is pasteurized with no sugar or preservatives added. Order for freezer, canning , jelly or fresh juice to drink.  Watch for our fresh apples! By the beginning of September, we will have bushels of apples in. We should have what you are looking for in fresh eating or for canning.

Thanks to Zehr’s, there’s no longer any excuse to not eat your fresh fruits and veggies – you’ll love it!

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