Preserves are vegetables or fruit that are preserved, either whole or in uniformly-sized distinguishable pieces, usually in a sealed jar, to extend their storage life. Many people’s grandmothers used to have a cellar of preserves, on which there were shelves of jars containing pickles, relishes, pickled peppers, chutneys, jams, jellies and whole fruits that would shine like jewels when the cellar light was turned on.

Here at Zehr’s we carry on this tradition. The hard work of harvesting the local fruits and vegetables and preserving them is done for you! Yours to enjoy!


Homemade Mustard -A favourite condiment for the baked ham is Mustard Sauce. It is sweet, creamy and compliments the ham to perfection.

Pickled Eggs - Pickled eggs are delicious served with deli meats for a light dinner, as an appetizer, or on a picnic. Prior to the days of refrigeration, pickling eggs in vinegar was used as a preservation method.

Pickled Baby Corn - The texture is intriguing and the delicate corn flavour and sweet-sour tang makes a good contrast to other pickles and relishes. They go well with almost any kind of meat, but especially more mildly flavoured ones like fish or chicken, as well as cheeses and cold cuts. The pickled baby corn is a rare treat to be brought out on special occasions.

Pickles - Cucumbers preserved in a vinegar and sugar mixture, create a pickle that adds flavour to your buffet all year round. We offer several different kinds.

  • Sweet Dill Pickles - True to its title this pickle will add a sweet crispness, with a hint of garlic, to your plate.

  • Icicle Pickles - Looking for something cool and sweet to add to the family picnic? This wedge sliced pickle is a fun way to complete your meal.

  • Hamburger Pickles - Speaks for itself. A flat-cut garlic flavoured pickle to garnish your summer grilled burger or sandwich.

  • Crisp Pickles - A deliciously crispy pickle with onion slices mixed in for an added flavor.  A bread and butter pickle great with casseroles.

  • Mustard Pickles - Chunks of cucumbers, onions, and red peppers, along with sugar, vinegar, spices and of course mustard seed. A tangy, rich condiment that has been prized for generations at the side of a plate to liven up the plainest of foods.

  • Garlic Dills - Wedge-sliced cucumbers, dill, garlic, water, vinegar, and salt, combined to create a delicious pickle. These cool, crunchy, tangy pickles taste great along-side burgers, hotdogs, or even as a lone snack.

  • Bread and Butter Pickles - Sliced cucumbers pickled with onions, sugar, vinegar, salt, mustard & celery seeds, and turmeric. The sweet, tangy crunch of these pickles make them terrific layered onto burgers, piled into tuna fish sandwiches, or even just eaten plain.

Corn Relish - Fresh summer flavours of corn, peppers and onions combined for a delicious relish to serve on hamburgers, hot dogs and your favorite sandwiches. Also excellent as a side dish to the typical meat-and-potatoes dinner fare.

Chow Chow Sauce - Made from a combination of vegetables, mainly corn, cauliflower, cucumbers, onions, carrots, celery, and beans. After preserving, chow-chow is excellent served cold as a condiment or relish for summer dishes.

Piccalilli - This is an English interpretation of South Asian pickles, a relish of chopped pickled vegetables and spices. The vegetables include cauliflower, cucumbers, red and green peppers, and onions. Great on ham, as well as in sandwiches.

Peaches - Does anything beat picking a peach fresh off the tree and eating it right there? Home canned peaches enables you to have that fresh taste year-round. Children love them!

Pears - Smooth, sweet dessert that can be pulled out quickly to supplement any meal.  Look no further than a canned pear.

Apple Sauce - Delicious homemade applesauce recipe! There is nothing better than homemade applesauce with local Ontarian apples.

Tomato Salsa - Plump, ripe tomatoes stewed with a medley of peppers, onions, celery, and spices. Top your favourite nachos or tacos with this excellent homemade salsa. Or use as a dipping sauce.  Hot or medium flavours available.

Pickled Beets - Fresh garden beets cooked, diced, and preserved with the perfect vinegar and sugar mixture. This delicacy goes great with Sunday dinner.

Garden Relish - Chopped cucumbers cooked to perfection with a mixture of garden vegetables, such as peppers, onions, and celery.

Chili Sauce (Zehr’s in house brand) - A bit like salsa with tomatoes, celery, sweet peppers, onions, sugar, vinegar, and an added chili kick. A great addition to meat and pasta dishes.

Jake & Amos – sweet baby corn - Jake and Amos® Pickled Dill Baby Corn is an all-natural, healthy snack packed with flavor and crunch. This baby corn is made with just the right touch of dill making it a great snack or a delicious side dish too!

Pickled Sausage - These tangy sausages make great appetizers or snacks. They are nice keep on hand for gatherings or anytime you feel like having them.

Steak Sauce - Made with tomatoes, onions, and cucumbers, along with just the right amount of spice to give it a delightful taste. Adds a great flavour to your barbecued steak or burger.

Sweet Summer Medley - A colourful mixture of chopped vegetables including cucumbers, carrots, onions, and mini corn cobs, cooked with vinegar, sugar and spices. This sweet relish-type medley makes an excellent summer side dish.

Pickled Asparagus - Fresh asparagus canned in vinegar, sugar, garlic, and spice mixture, so you can enjoy asparagus all year round. These make great appetizers or garnishes.

Pickled Beans - Green beans canned in a mixture of sugar, vinegar, and garlic, with just the right combination of spices. Perfect for any party or summer barbecue, these green beans make fantastic garnishes for burgers or sandwiches.

Note: this list does not contain every preserve variety that we stock; just enough to whet you an appetite!


Jams & Jellies


Old Fashioned Goodness!


Fruit Preserves - Jams & Jellies

  • Apricot jam

  • Black current jam

  • Black current jelly

  • Blueberry jam

  • Blueberry rhubarb jam

  • Crabapple jelly

  • Elderberry jelly

  • Gooseberry jelly

  • Peach apricot jam

  • Pear ginger jam

  • Red current jam

  • Raspberry jam

  • Strawberry rhubarb jam

  • Sour cherry jam

  • Strawberry jam

  • Very berry jam

  • Red pepper jelly

  • Cranberry strawberry jam

  • Peach jam

  • Raspberry mulberry jam

  • Raspberry rhubarb jam

  • Orange marmalade

  • Peach marmalade



Sugar Free Spreads



These spreads are made with apple purée, fruit, and grape juice concentrate. Nothing beats the taste of fresh fruit jam.  Now you can enjoy this delicious treat without the unhealthy sugar. Flavours include:

  • Strawberry

  • Raspberry

  • Peach

  • Bumbleberry

  • Blueberry

Jel-licious Honey

Locally made honey infused with natural fruit juices to create a jelly like no other! Sugar and glucose fructose free, these jellies are made with only three ingredients: honey, juice, and natural pectin (with the exception of Cinnamon Apple, which includes cinnamon). Available flavours include:

  • Blackberry

  • Blueberry

  • Cinnamon Apple

  • Sea Buckthorn



Local Maple Syrup


100% Canadian Tradition!

We are currently selling 2019 Maple Syrup!


Maple Syrup - Our Canadian heritage comes alive every spring with the arrival of another maple syrup season. Maple syrup is one of Nature’s wonders, it is a traditional pure and natural sweetener. For a special flavour, use maple syrup with fresh fruits and in baking.





Flavoured Honey


A natural sweet treat, that not only tastes great but also has a number of health benefits. Use as a substitute for sugar in your baking, to give you a delicious and healthier snack. Sweeten your tea with honey to help relieve that sore throat.


Crystallized 100% Raw- This is honey’s natural way of preserving itself.  This honey has not been heated or filtered, so it is honey in its most natural form.

Liquid Unpasteurized - This honey has been heated to a certain point to help it stay liquid, but not enough to be considered pasteurized.  It is available in:

  • White

  • Buckwheat

Creamed Unpasteurized - Similar in taste and texture to the crystallized raw honey, though this one has been heated to a certain degree.

Flavoured Honey - We also have a selection of delicious flavoured honeys.  These come in charming little 250g jars and make excellent gifts for any occasion.  Flavours include:

  • Honey & Cinnamon

  • Honey & Ginger

  • Honey & Orange

  • Honey & Raspberries

Apple butter.jpg

Apple Butter

Made from tree ripened, Fresh Ontario Grown apples, that have been selected for their quality and variety. Traditional cooking methods are maintained, and a time-tested recipe is used to capture the natural essence and sweetness of the apple. Excellent as a spread on toast, crackers, fresh bread, muffins, bagels etc. Apple butter also has a natural affinity with pork as a garnish or a glaze.

Pumpkin Apple Butter

Made from a blend of fresh, peeled pumpkins and Fresh Ontario Grown tree-ripened apples. Prepared using traditional cooking methods, it combines the natural essence and sweetness of apple with the smooth, richness of pumpkin. Excellent as a spread on toast, crackers, fresh bread, muffins or bagels. Try it with pork as a garnish or a glaze