Chloroglobin Plus Zinc - 180 Capsules

Chloroglobin Plus Zinc - 180 Capsules


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Chloroglobin Plus Zinc (for Men) - 180 Capsules 

  • Boost Your Energy 

  • Strengthen Your Immunity 

  • Maintain A Healthy Weight 

  • Rid Your Body of Toxins 

  • Eliminate Free-Radicals 

  • Look And Feel Younger 

What Exactly Is Chloroglobin? 

Chloroglobin is made from a single-cell fresh water algae called chlorella.  With unusually high concentrations of important nutrients, chlorella includes more than 20 powerful vitamins and minerals such as magnesium, iron, beta carotene and vitamin B12, plus it is up to 60% protein.  It also has amino acids, dietary fiber and the key anti-aging components, RNA and DNA.  Finally, it has the highest source of cleansing chlorophyll of any plant food known to mankind. 


Are Chloroglobin Tablets Safe? 

Absolutely!  Chloroglobin is amazingly safe and natural and should not interfere with other medications.  In fact, if your Doctor recommends that you receive extra nourishment while on medication, chlorella is the perfect addition.  Chloroglobin contains no binders, fillers or anything unnatural. 

How Do Chloroglobin Tablets Work? 

With up to 7% natural chlorophyll, chlorella contains more chlorophyll per gram than any other plant.  Chlorophyll helps rid the body of damaging toxins and free-radicals.  It also supports respiratory function and promotes healthy digestion. 

With more protein than soy or steak, chlorella boosts your energy naturally and helps to repair and rebuild damaged tissue.  Chlorella’s amino acids support and maintain a healthy immune function boosting your body’s natural defense system.  With more fibre than most fruits and vegetables, chlorella will help support and maintain a healthy digestive system and colon. 

With powerful antioxidants, chlorella promotes proper circulation and helps build up the immune system.  Chlorella has a very strong cell wall and for this reason Health From Herbs Chlorella has cracked cell walls that allows the product to be more easily digested without interfering with its nutritional value.  Entire books have been written on this all natural plant, which when taken over a long period of time has many beneficial effects on a variety of health problems from acne and skin problems to wound healing.