Flowbee Haircutter

Flowbee Haircutter


This revolutionary home hair cutting system cuts your hair evenly into the recessed blades and trims it precisely.

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Each Flowbee System Package contains:

  • 1 - Flowbee head with hose

  • 1- Transformer

  • 1 - Bag of 10 spacers

  • 1 - Bottle of Flowbee lubricant

  • 2 - Universal vacuum hose adapters

  • 1 - Users Guide

    *The mini vac not included with this package - available for purchase separately.

Using the suction power of your vacuum cleaner or the Flowbee super mini vac, the Flowbee then draws the hair evenly into the recessed blades and cuts it precisely.

The Flowbee works with 90% of all vacuums. A universal adapter is included to ensure a tight fit with the Flowbee and your vacuum cleaner.

The Flowbee Vacuum Haircut System allows you to create the most popular haircut styles.  Flowbee can cut your hair from 1/2" to 6" long in any 1/4" increments. Simply select the desired spacer depending on the length you want your haircut. Then attach the spacer to your Flowbee. Haircut styles of your choice are easy & clean. Longer than 6" haircut is possible by simply adding more spacers.

Individual parts are also available. Please call for details 519.595.4403 and we will be happy to assist

Zehr’s Country Market Inc. is the Canadian distributor for the Flowbee. We ship across Canada.