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GastroAid capsules are made from a precise combination of Slippery Elm bark, Ginger, and Cloves.  This all-natural composition is high in vitamins and minerals and is formulated specifically for disorders of the digestive system.  Working together in combination, these important herbs help maintain your good health. Slippery Elm has the ability to naturally neutralize stomach acidity.  It acts as a buffer against irritations and inflammations of the mucous membranes.  This excellent herb also draws out impurities and helps to assist the activity of the adrenal glands.  Slippery Elm is high in vitamins E, F, K and P as well as the minerals iron, sodium and calcium. 

Ginger is an effective cleansing agent.  A known herb for disorders of the respiratory system, Ginger is also superb for settling upset stomachs and relieving indigestion.   

Cloves, another very important herb, are a powerful germicidal agent, said to be unequalled in warding off diseases and equalizing blood circulation.  Promoting digestion and nutrition, this herb is safe and effective for nausea.  Cloves are also high in vitamins A, C, iron, calcium and potassium.