Unker's Therapeutic Spray

Unker's Therapeutic Spray

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If our rub is “Your Medicine Cabinet In A Jar,” this is “Your Medicine Cabinet In A Convenient Spray.” It’s the same powerful formula as our Therapeutic Rub, only in a more powerful, highly concentrated form. It’s a natural, pure Essential Oils spray. Grease-less. Fast acting. Deep penetrating and absorbing, so no massaging in is necessary.

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This formula is concentrated with essential oils only (greaseless) and is ideal for muscle pain and discomfort. One or two sprays is generally enough to supply rapid results to the sore area, and absorption begins upon contact. The medicated spray works well on leg cramps and shingle pain, as well as helping post-surgery healing. Product ingredients include eucalyptus oil, or pine needles, menthol crystals, oil of camphor and oil of wintergreen. No turpentine, sulfates or synthetics or animal testing is used.

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