Vitaflor - 500 ml

Vitaflor - 500 ml


Swiss Alp Herb Remedies

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Vitaflor is a liquid extract made from a special combination of Black Cohosh, Lily of the Valley, Cramp Bark, Black Haw, Celandine, Motherwort, Liquorice Root, Passion Flower, Wormwood and Mistletoe.  

This is an all-natural composition and has proven effective for many female complaints.   

Black Cohosh is known for its use in menstrual and menopausal problems, as well as labour and postpartum pains.  Lily of the Valley is useful for arterial hypotension.  Cramp Bark, as its name would suggest, is recommended for convulsions, cramps, heart palpitations, nervousness and spasms. 

Black Haw is recommended for painful menstruation, muscular cramps, and palpitations of nervous origin.  Celandine stimulates the uterus, circulatory system and is an anti-spasmodic.  Motherwort is used for painful menstruation, edema and kidney problems.  Licorice Root helps with female complaints and cleanses the blood.  Passion Flower is useful for insomnia and menopause.  Wormwood, another important herd, is recommended for menstrual cramps, debility, fever and liver and stomach problems.  Mistletoe is known to stimulate circulation, reduce nervousness, and is also used for convulsions, epilepsy and high blood pressure.  Vitaflor has proven valuable for ailments peculiar to the female nervous system, relieving pain and discomfort.