ZemaDerm Ointment - 110g

ZemaDerm Ointment - 110g


Swiss Alps Herb Remedies

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Prepared for eczema, itches and minor burns this product has been used effectively for over 70 years.  This ointment contains Zinc Oxide, Eucalyptus oil and Phenol in a Petroleum base.  Zinc oxide, known to the world for thousands of years is used to protect, soothe, and heal the skin.  Zinc oxide really makes sense for sensitive skin.  Phenol, or carbolic acid is commonly used in skin care creams and lotions. This substance is obtained from coal tars. It is an effective skin disinfectant and anesthetic.  Eucalyptus oil, as demonstrated by laboratory tests, is a powerful antimicrobial agent and contains a high percentage of the compound eucalyptol a key ingredient found in many antiseptics. 

No medicine cabinet would be complete without a jar of this effective and widely useful ointment.